American History Supporting Links

Here are the updated supporting links for use with American History task card sets. Use appropriate caution when opening or assigning links to children. If you notice broken links or have additions you’d like us to include, contact us here. 


American History Timeline


American Picture Book Biographies
Colonial Living Books
American Tall Talls


America The Story of Us
PBS Films (Many Relevant Titles) 
Fifty States and Capitols
Thirteen Middle Colonies

Task Card 1 – The First Americans, Native Americans

The First Americans

Task Card 2 – European Explorers and Conquest

Explorers for Kids
Exploration of North America

Task Card 3 – Early European Settlements

The Mayflower Compact

Task Card 4 – American Colonies

Map of the Thirteen Colonies
Colonial Map Activities
Colonial Homes
Colonial American House Styles

Task Card 5 – French and Spanish Colonies

Task Card – 6 New England

Task Card 7 – Colonial American Trade

Task Card 8 – Colonial American Life

Colonial Williamsburg

Task Card 9 – Slavery in America

Task Card 10 – The French and Indian War

Task Card 11- Colonial Rebellion, The American Revolution Begins

The Boston Massacre
Mt. Vernon Virtual Tour

Task Card 12 – American Revolution, The Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution

Task Card 13 – American Revolution, Battles and Generals

Task Card 14 – Articles of Confederation and the Continental Congress

Task Card 15 – The Constitution of the United States

Task Card 16 – The Federalist Years

Task Card 17 – The War of 1812

Task Card 18 – The Industrial Revolution in America

Task Card 19 – National Unity and Early Reformers

Task Card 20 – Westward Expansion, Lewis and Clark

The West
Westward Expansion The Settlers
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Lewis and Clark

Task Card 21 – Indian Removal, Seminole Wars

Task Card 22 – The Gold Rush, The Pony Express

Task Card 23 – The Alamo, War with Mexico

Task Card 24 – Slavery in the South, Abolitionism

Southern Plantation

Task Card 25 – North and South: A Nation Divided

Task Card 26 – Civil War

Civil War 

Task Card 27 – Civil War

Task Card 28 – Railways and the Wild West

Task Card 29 – Indian Wars and Homesteaders

Task Card 30 – Big Business, Industry, and Inventions

The Men Who Built America

Task Card 31 – Immigration

Statue of Liberty 
Tenement Museum

Task Card 32 – Progressive Era and the Spanish American War

Task Card 33 – World War I

Task Card 34 – Boom to Bust, Jazz Age, The Great Depression

Task Card 35 – World War II

Task Card 36 – The Cold War

Task Card 37 – Civil Rights and the Space Race

Task Card 38 – Vietnam War

Task Card 39 – The End of the Cold War, Militants and Terrorists

Task Card 40 – The Digital Age, Terrorism, Medical Advances

Canadian History Supporting Links

Here are the updated supporting links for use with Canadian History task card sets. Use appropriate caution when opening or assigning links to children. If you notice broken links or have additions you’d like us to include, contact us here.


Canadian History

Eras in Canadian History

Canada A People’s History

Canadian History Timeline

Prime Ministers

Canadian Government

Canadian Lapbook 

Canadian Paper Doll

Gifts from Canada


Canadian Books for Kids

Task Card 1

First Nations

First Nations

Aboriginal Peoples

First Nations Artifacts

First Nations Art

Native Dwellings

Task Card 2

European Explorers

First European Settlers Video

Early Canadian Explorers Video

European Explorers

Task Card 3

Early Settlements and First Colonies

Task Card 4

New France

Samuel de Champlain

Task Card 5

New France

Task Card 6


Pierre de LaVerendrye

Task Card 7


Acadian Daily Life

Task Card 8

Seven Years’ War

General Montcalm

Task Card 9

Canadian British Colonies

Task Card 10

Pioneer Daily Life in the 1700s

Task Card 11

War of 1812

General Isaac Brock


Task Card 12

Rebellion of 1837

Task Card 13


Task Card 14

Underground Railroad

Task Card 15

The Metis and the Buffalo

Task Card 16

Opening of the West

Gold Mining and Gold Miners

Task Card 17

Western Settlers and Aboriginal Lands


Task Card 18

Arctic Exploration

Task Card 19


John A. Macdonald

Task Card 20

Louis Riel

Alexander Mackenzie

Sir John Abbott

Task Card 21

Klondike Gold Rush

Martha Munger

Sir John Thompson

Sir Mackenzie

Task Card 22

Canadian Pacific Railway

Early Days of Ice Hockey

Sir Charles Tupper

Task Card 23

O Canada

  1. M. Montgomery

Nellie McClung

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Task Card 24

World War One

Trench Warfare

In Flander’s Field

Sir Robert Borden

Task Card 25


Arthur Meighen

Task Card 26

The Great Depression

William Lyon Mackenzie King

Richard Bedford Bennett


Task Card 27

World War Two


Task Card 28

Cold War

Farley Mowat

Louis St. Laurent

John Diefenbaker


Task Card 29

Lester Pearson

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Joseph Clark

Canadian Provinces

Task Card 30

John Turner

Brian Mulroney

Kim Campbell

Jean Chretien

Paul Martin

Stephen Harper

Justin Trudeau


Recitation and Enrichment Series Complete

Our Recitation and Enrichment Series is finally complete.

Volume Five: Geography and Culture, Volume Six: American History, and Volume Seven: Canadian History have been formatted and are in our online store. The original first four  Recitation and Enrichment Volumes have been revised and edited as well.

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Task Card Sets in PDF Form

We are happy to announce that our Task Card Series is now available in PDF form. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and patience!

The High School History and Literature Series will be rolling out next. Volume Three is in our editor’s hands and our hope is that all four volumes will be done by summer.

O Canada!

We are thrilled to announce that our Canadian History Task Card Set is available and ready to ship.

This K-8 course is comprised of discovery-oriented tasks designed to facilitate engaged learning about Canadian History. Your students will investigate and explore Canadian culture and history through engaged learning designed to introduce and reinforce key content related to Canadian History. Task Card Sets include a Course Introduction and a set of task cards for student use. This course is comprehensive and the recommended literature is especially rich. Enjoy!


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Canadian History Scope and Sequence

1 – First Nations


2 – European Explorers


3 – Early Settlements and First Colonies


4 – New France

Biography – Samuel de Champlain


5 – New France, Indian Wars


6 – New France, Voyageurs

Biography – Pierre de LaVerendrye


7 – Acadia


8 – Seven Years’ War

Biography – General Montcalm


9 – Canadian British Colonies


10 – Pioneers and Colonies


11 – War of 1812

Biography – General Isaac Brock

Biography – Tecumseh


12 – Rebellion of 1837


13 – Immigration


14 – Underground Railroad


15 – The Metis and the Buffalo


16 – Opening of the West


17 – Western Settlers and Aboriginal Lands

Biography – Maskepetoon


18 – Arctic Exploration


19 – Confederation

Prime Minister – John A. Macdonald


20 – Fenian Uprising, Riel Rebellion

Biography – Louis Riel


21 – Klondike Gold Rush

Biography – Martha Munger


22 – Life in the 1800s


23 – A New Era, Turn-of-the Century

Biography – L.M. Montgomery

Biography – Nellie McClung


24 – World War One


25 – Changing Times


26 – The Great Depression


27 – World War Two


28 – Cold War, Oil Boom

Biography – Farley Mowat


29 – Quebec Nationalism and First Nations


30 – Canadian Achievement and Equal Rights