Geography and Culture Scope and Sequence

The Geography and Culture Task Card Set includes 26 Cards and an Introduction to the Course. The cards are meant to be used at a pace of about one card per week, which allows extra time on areas of interest.  Intended for K- 6th grade students, the tasks are accessible to younger students and are the perfect springboard to further investigation for older students.  Altogether they make a fabulous introduction to the Task Card Approach. The topics on the cards follow.

1 – Cartography, maps, map legend, land, water, continents, north, south, east, west, prime meridian, globe

2 – Globe, continents, map legend, symbols

3 – Physical map, political map, population, climate, historical map

4 – Climate, habitat, equator, north pole, south pole, temperate, ocean, desert, rain forest, grassland, mountain

5 – Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism

6 – North America, stream, river, pond, lake

7 – Hawaii, Alaska, glacier, island

8 – New England States, mountains, valleys

9 – Mid Atlantic States, bay, inlet

10 – Southern States, delta, peninsula

11 – Midwestern States, Mississippi River System The Great Lakes

12 – The Great Plains States, badlands, plain

13 – Mountain States, volcano, geyser

14 – Southwestern States, canyon, desert

15 – Pacific States, continental shelf, tundra

16 – Your state

17 – Your state (Can swap for province or country if not in the U.S.)

18 – Canada

19 – Mexico, highland, pampas

20 – South America, forest, sea, Amazon River
21 – Europe, rivers of Europe

22 – Asia, rivers of Asia

23 – Africa, grassland, desert

24 – Australia, kangaroo

25 – Antarctica, penguins

26 – Wrap Up and Review