American History Supporting Links

Supporting Links are optional tools provided for your reference and preparation.  Comparable items may be substituted for use with the Task Cards and, as always, use discretion when opening links. 

Links to enjoy with your student:
Williamsburg with Kids

Sadler House Plantation

Latta Plantation

Mount Vernon

Underground Railroad

Tenement House Tour

I Have a Dream Speech

Pictures for Collages (print and make accessible for your student):
*Every effort has been made to provide links to safe and public domain images, but these links are not intended for independent student use. Links are not provided for each collage or poster assignment. Consider using wikimedia or your favorite timeline product for collage and poster pictures.

Native American Artifacts


Indian Artifacts

The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

Colonial Williamsburg Trades

Colonial Fife and Drum



Slave Ships

Patrick Henry

People of the American Revolution

American Revolution

Declaration of Independence

Preamble to the Constitution

Text of Star Spangled Banner


Underground Railroad

Slaves on a Plantation

Sugar Plantation

Slave Auction Block


Causes of Civil War/

Civil War Battles

Civil War Battlefields

Civil War Generals

Civil War Uniforms

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

Ellis Island


Flag of the United States

Maps (print and make accessible for your student):
*Purchasing a set of historical maps is recommended. See or Other options may be found on line for the following areas.

North America


U.S. Eastern Seaboard/New Englnd/American Colonies

America and England

United States


American Continent


Middle East