Ancient World Supporting Links

Supporting Links are optional tools provided for your reference and preparation.  Comparable items may be substituted for use with the Task Cards and, as always, use discretion when opening links.

Links to use with your student:

Archaeology Kids 
View pictures of artifacts and a dig here.

Roman Fort

Pictures for Collages (print and make accessible for your student):
*Every effort has been made to provide links to safe and public domain images, but these links are not intended for independent student use. Links are not provided for each collage or poster assignment. Consider using wikimedia or your favorite timeline product for collage and poster pictures:


Cave Dwellers

Cave Art

Ancient Egyptian Food

Trojan Horse

King Hammurabi

Hieroglyphs Name Translator

The Ten Plagues

Solomon’s Temple

Ancient Chinese Calligraphy Chart 

Ancient Greek Foods

Roman Warfare

Roman Weaponry 

Roman Gods

Maps (print and make accessible for your student):
*Purchasing a set of historical maps is recommended. See or Other options may be found on line for the following areas.

Middle East

African Continent


Indian Peninsula


Greece and Crete


Ancient Egypt


Egypt and Israel

Ancient China

Arabian Peninsula

Celtic Lands

Italian Peninsula

Spread of Christianity