Monthly Archives: September 2011

Ready, Set…


Abby and Holly are using the Task Card Approach with history as well as science this year. Holly is a pro at research after years of adding research tasks to our Tapestry studies, but I like to check in at the beginning of the year while going over expectations. I was especially happy to see Abby turn to the Table of Contents without instruction.

If you’re using Task Card Sets from Creek Edge Press and are working on foundational research and Task Card Approach skills, I recommend focusing on one task at a time during the early weeks of the school year. This week our focus was on expectations for ‘Encyclopedia Research’ and response. The girls completed other tasks as well, but I accepted their work ‘as is’ in those areas.

Abby is finishing the transition to independent investigation and response,so this task will soon be one she can complete on her own. She already has map work and summary writing down fairly well from wrapping up last year’s work, but we’ll be raising expectations for attention to detail and neatness as the school year unfolds.

And, no, I didn’t ask them to pose!


PDF Update

Our technical support team has been working on providing a pdf version primarily for our international customers.  Unfortunately, we have run into difficulties and have found that we cannot provide a quality product due to the quantity of content on the cards.  Specifically, card content is cut off with all models of ink jet printers and several non-commercial laser printers.  We will not be pursuing this further at this time.  International customers are welcome to contact us for a discount on international shipping on qualifying orders.