Canadian History Supporting Links

Links for Research and Enrichment:

Canada: A People’s History

Canada History

Canadian History

Prime Ministers

Arctic Animals

L.M. Montgomery

Maps to Print:

Map of Canada

Map of North America

World Map

Pictures to Print:

*Print at your own discretion with regards to copyright law and personal use. Google images is also available and owide selection. You may have to scroll to select appropriate pictures.

Pictures of First Nations Daily Life

Pictures of First Nations Art and Artifacts

Pictures of Explorers

Pictures of Acadian Daily Life

Pioneer Daily Life 1700s

Pictures depicting the war of 1812

Pictures of Immigrants

Pictures of Buffalo Hunts

Large Picture of a Buffalo

Pictures of Gold Mining and Gold Miners

Pictures of animals of the arctic

Pictures of Canadian Pacific Railway

Pictures of early days of Ice Hockey

Lyrics to “O Canada”

Pictures of Trench Warfare

Text of “In Flanders Field”

Pictures related to discovery of insulin

Pictures of Kids during the Great Depression

Pictures of Canadian Recruiting Posters from WWII

Pictures of large variety of Canadians

Pictures of great achievements of Canadians since 1945


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