Introduction to Music Supporting Links

Supporting Links are provided as a starting place for internet research. Use of links is optional and up to the discretion of the course facilitator, but are intended to broaden research or increase options when print materials are unavailable. Keep in mind that these sites are not hosted by or affiliated with Creek Edge Press. Use discretion when opening links and let us know if you find any that are broken or misdirecting.

Introduction to Music Task Card Set I Links for Research and Exploration:

Cards 1 – 6 Elements of Music

Elements of Music for Younger Grammar Stage Students

Elements of Music for Older Grammar Stage and Dialectic Students

Elements of Music for Rhetoric Age Students

Card 7 – Instrumentation

Card 8 –  Orchestral Music

Card 9 – Vocal Production

10 – Vocal Music

11 – Opera (Click on individual opera and scroll down to hear samples)

12 – Music and Dance

13 – Blues, Spirituals, Swing, and Jazz

14 – Popular Music, Rock and Roll, Musicals

15 – Global Music: Middle East and Africa

16 – Global Music: China and Japan

17 – Global Music: India and Indonesia

18 – Global Music: Latin America

19 – Global Music: American and European Folk Songs

20 – Young Artists

21 – Music Profession

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